Forest Friends is now offering a Waldorf-inspired Preschool program at the Bothin Girl Scout Campus, in collaboration with the Heartwood Community. Kelly McMenimen will be the lead teacher.

In this Forest Friends preschool program children will:

  • Experience daily and weekly rhythms that will help them settle into good social relations and the natural unfolding of their optimal development
  • Have ample time to play and learn outdoors in garden, field, and forest, getting to move and develop large motor skills, explore, experiment, discover, and delight in the world
  • Become friends with many plants and animals as well as each other
  • Grow their will and their joy in good work, through gardening, cooking, chicken-tending, woodworking, and helping build campfires
  • Build a strong foundation of oral literacy and brain development through listening to and enacting stories, singing songs, and reciting poetry with movements
  • Develop fine motor skills and creative capacity through painting, coloring, and crafting

Forest Friends preschoolers will spend a great deal of time outside, connecting deeply with the natural world in garden, field, and forest.

Hours are 9-1, with optional aftercare.