A non-profit 501c3, charitable organization, The Heartwood Educational Collaborative Fund, was created to support our vision and formally work towards a Waldorf-inspired program in the public realm that allows access to all.

Our Mission is Simple:

We want to continue our unique educational offering.  We want to be able to serve our students and our community.

We need your support to hold on to our magical site and to fund the work of the charity to arrive at a sustainable educational model that will provide access to all.

What Your Donation Supports:

A tax-deductible donation will go towards paying the 2018-2019 fees for the site. This will secure our location for our program moving forward. If sufficient funds are acquired, funds will also go toward supporting the administration of the charity which will continue to advocate for, and work towards, a long-term public Waldorf program.

To learn more, or to make a donation contact the Heartwood Fund: Stephanie Felton-Priestner, Director

Thank you for being an important part of our journey.