Our Aftercare Program has been developed and organized with the same high standard and thoughtful attention to the needs of the children as our other learning environments. Waldorf Education has directly influenced the rhythm and activities of the aftercare experience.

Our Aftercare program is very popular with students of all ages! Children are offered a wide variety of options for play, creativity, and relaxation in a safe environment. The program is held from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. All kindergarten students will begin with a one hour rest/quiet period. The new home base in the Dining Hall provides abundant space for activity centers, including a cozy corner for relaxing, resting and reading. Arts and crafts and games are provided daily with homework help for older children.

Children have the option of playing inside or outdoors in our field or amongst the redwood trees. When outside, children engage in free play, cooperative games and an optional walk-about. In addition to providing recreational activities, the staff help students develop social skills and good character through the teaching of human values such as kindness, inclusivity, peaceful resolution and stewardship of the earth. There is a gentle emphasis on emotional awareness and the ability to self-regulate through mindfulness.

We appreciate the role of the family in creating a successful, thriving Aftercare Program by asking all parents to respect the policies of the program.

The compliance with the policies outlined below are vital to support participation in the Aftercare Program.


  • If you are late picking up your child, he/she will be sent to Aftercare and you will be charged at the drop-in rate.
  • When attending Aftercare, please pack an extra snack for your child, if attending more than 1 hour.
  • Extra warm, protective clothing should be kept in your child’s backpack – thick socks, fleece, rain jackets etc.
  • Slippers or indoor shoes are needed. The Dining Hall floor is cold.
  • The Aftercare phone number (415-328-2757) for emergencies only.
  • By 3:00 pm the day prior to a planned absence, parents must cancel registration to avoid a “no show” fee.
  • If your child is out sick, cancellation is appreciated, though not necessary to avoid the fee.
  • Pick is 5:00pm and a late fee will be charged.
  • Families will not be charged if children are out sick.
  • Aftercare is charged in 15 minute increments, with a minimum charge of 30 minutes.

Sign Up

There are 2 ways to register for Aftercare:

By semester:  If you would like to have the same Aftercare schedule each week, for the entire semester, please fill out the following Aftercare Signup form.

Drop in: Five Aftercare spots are held for drop-in each day. You must call the office by 11:00am on the day of drop-in to use one of the spots. The spots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and a wait list after the five spots are filled.


  • Regular rate is $10/hour.
  • The drop-in rate is $13/hour.
  • There is a sibling discount of 25%.
  • The late fee is $25.
  • The no show fee is $10.

Please contact if you have any questions.